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The City of Sarasota's Development Review Committee signed off this week on a city com- prehensive plan change to allow triple-density development in some areas of the Rosemary District north of downtown. The committee is composed of senior city department leaders who expedite permit- ting and other paperwork associated with land development. The 47-acre tract is zoned "Downtown Edge," which allows 25 units per acre. A developer who wants to build affordable rental units is asking to bump the density up to 75 units per acre through use of an "overlay district." The "overlay" would keep the total number of units in the 47 acres constant at 1,175, but it would allow triple density until all 1,175 were "used up." Thus, there is an advantage to being among the first to request the addi- tional units. Dr. Mark Kauffman's Rosemary Square proj- ect could also benefit from the triple-density deal. He told The Sarasota News Leader he would probably rethink his plans to take advantage of the opportunity. However, it will take awhile for the change to become real- ity. The Planning Board and City Commission must hold public hearings and approve the overlay scheme. Plans in 2007 called for a cultural district to be located between the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and North Tamiami Trail. Photo by Norman Schimmel A NEW DENSITY PLAN FOR THE ROSEMARY DISTRICT WINS PRELIMINARY CITY OK, BUT THE CULTURAL DISTRICT DISCUSSION IS ON HOLD CITY BRIEFS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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