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It was expected to be her final formal address to Siesta Key Association (SKA) members as their representative on the Sarasota County Commission. Instead of using the March 1 opportunity to focus attention on a particular issue directly affecting the island she also calls home, though, Commissioner Nora Patterson was passionate in pleading for continued careful development in Sarasota County. Noting that votes the board had taken 20 and 30 years ago have had more recent negative impacts, Patterson told the approximately 130 people attending the organization's annual meeting, "I don't want to leave that kind of (From left) The full board of Siesta Key Association directors for the new year are Joe Volpe, Michael Shay, Catherine Luckner, Troy Roberts, Bob Stein, Paul Wilkinson, Beverly Arias, Helen Clifford and Joyce Kouba. Not pictured is Deet Jonker. Photo by Rachel Hackney COMMISSIONER NORA PATTERSON USES HER LAST ADDRESS AT A SIESTA KEY ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING TO PLEAD FOR CAUTION IN FUTURE DEVELOPMENT LOVE FOR SARASOTA AND HER ISLANDS I do worry [about] the tenets of the [2050] Plan, which are the preservation of open space, the maintenance of rural areas and rural neighborhoods [along with] the ability to develop property in a walkable, enjoyable way that will not financially burden those of us that have lived here for years … The basic tenets of the plan do need to be preserved, in my opinion. Nora Patterson Commissioner Sarasota County By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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