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Siesta Seen at work on the county's 2015 fiscal year bud- get. "We're trying to position ourselves to have the money in the [maintenance district] funds so that we can proceed with recycling." In response to a question about whether any grant funds would be available to help with the expense, SKA President Michael Shay, who has spearheaded the recycling initia- tive, said he had received information from the county about a grant from Keep America Beautiful and the Coca-Cola Co. "They would provide the recycling bins … if you won the grant," he pointed out, "but you [have] to pick a specific type [of bin] that they offer." About four designs are available, he noted, but each bin would have to have a Keep America Beautiful or Coca-Cola logo on it. "We have to make sure when we get the cans that they get emptied," Smith said, noting that is the top priority. "Getting the cans, to me, is, quite honestly, the easy part." On a related note: In response to a question from past SKVA President Russell Matthes, Smith explained that during season, work- ers employed by Championship Landscape Maintenance pick up garbage in the Village every day of the week except Sunday and Tuesday. % County recycling bins stand near the path to Beach Access 5 on Siesta Key. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader March 21, 2014 Page 113

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