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During a workshop on Tuesday, March 25, the Sarasota County commissioners are sched- uled to vote on a resolution that could serve as a show of support for state plans for a new "diverging diamond" interchange at Interstate 75 and University Parkway. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials want to prioritize the diverg- ing diamond project and seek funds for it. Although this type of interchange has been built elsewhere — including Missouri, where the first one in the United States appeared A series of photos of the diverging diamond interchange in Springfield, MO, shows how the design works. Top left: Traffic enters the interchange along Missouri Route 13. Top right: Traffic crosses over to the left side of the road. Bottom left: Traffic crosses over Interstate 44. Bottom right: Traffic crosses back over to the right side of the road. Images via Wikimedia THE COUNTY COMMISSION WILL FOCUS ON A DIVERGING DIAMOND INTERCHANGE PROPOSAL FOR INTERSTATE 75 WHEN IT MEETS ON TUESDAY, MARCH 25 CONVERGING ON A PLAN By Roger Drouin County Editor

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