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The Sarasota City Commission voted 41 Monday, April 7, not to respond to an Open Meetings Law challenge by Citizens for Sunshine. Mayor Shannon Snyder wanted to settle the case, but he was outvoted. The attorney for Citizens — Andrea Mogensen — wrote the city on April 2 saying the city's Independent Police Advisory Panel (IPAP) "has been routinely violating the Sunshine Law since the incep tion of its existence." She demanded the city disband the panel, void all its actions and pay her fees of $2,500. She wrote, "This offer is extended only through April 11, 2014 and will expire at 5 p.m. on that date." On the following Monday, the City Commission voted to correct what it termed a "scriv ener's error" in the o r i g i n a l o r d i n a n c e establishing the IPAP and not respond to Mogensen's charges. "Scrivener's error" City commissioners try to decide what to do with the latest challenge from Citizens for Sunshine. Photo by Stan Zimmerman THE CITY COMMISSION DECIDES TO CREATE A NEW ORDINANCE FOR AN ADVISORY PANEL INSTEAD OF SETTLING A LAWSUIT OVER THE BOARD CALLING A BLUFF We need to stand. This is our city. Why do you allow somebody to hold you hostage? Again? Valerie Buchand Advisory Board Member City of Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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