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A faithful reader has told me she has no idea how I can tolerate hours of listening to County Commission meetings. And while I have confessed on previous occasions to being a "local gov ernment junkie," I have to say the element of surprise is one big factor that entices me to keep watching. Frankly, in recent weeks — especially given some of the biting remarks made at the County Commission and City Commission daises regarding the proposed homeless shelter — the viewing has been pretty riveting. Additionally, topics tend to pop up unexpectedly. I can find myself grabbing a pen when comments also start to fly over something that was not on the agenda. Sometimes we misjudge in advance how exciting a local government discussion will be, but then our dashed hopes are buoyed again by a discus sion we had figured would be inconsequential. Such is the game of local news — and enough of my Journalism Philosophy 101. On the less serious side this week, we have a superb Sailor Circus photo essay by Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel and a re view of the latest Sarasota Ballet performance by Elinor Rogosin. Even if I do not attend the ballet, I have no trouble "seeing" it later through Elinor's remarkable and perceptive accounts. Finally, I want to put in a plug for commen tary this week by contributor Harriet Cuth bert. Harriet exudes such confidence and joie de vivre, it is difficult to believe she can find any travel adventure unnerving. That is all the more reason you will not want to miss her tale of overcoming terror. Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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