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better northsouth road east of the interstate that was later scrapped by the county. "We did all this years and years ago, because the county back then didn't want to plan for roads east of I75," Fischer says. "We, the developers of the community, knew we weren't going to grow west into the Gulf of Mexico, so we planned these roads long before the county did." Fischer calls the county's current Spine Road plan "cockamamie at best." "Nobody's ever going to build this road," he adds. He requested that Spine be removed from the thoroughfare map, he says, because he believes its designation will impact rules for turn lanes around his Bee Ridge project. He feels frustrated by all the red tape that has held him up, reiterating his longheld desire for a northsouth road. "I'm the one who cre ated it, and they took it away from us," he says. "This time it's simply being used as a tool to make our lives more dif´Čücult." % Jonathan Paul is the interim transportation and planning director for Sarasota County. File photo Sarasota News Leader April 11, 2014 Page 45

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