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The attorney for Bob's Boathouse on South Tamiami Trail told The Sarasota News Leader this week he plans to fight the noise citations that have been issued against the business since the Sarasota County Commission approved a revised Air and Sound Pollution Ordinance on March 19. The board action followed pleas from resi- dents living near businesses that offer live music, including people who live across Phillippi Creek from Bob's Boathouse. Through March 30, one warning and five citations had been issued against Bob's Boathouse, county spokesman Curt Preisser told the News Leader on April 8. The warning was on March 21, a day after the revised ordi- nance went into effect. That was followed by two citations on March 22, one on March 23, one on March 28 and one on March 30. Two other complaints about violations of the ordinance — both on March 30 — did not result in citations, Preisser said, based on county records. As a result of the citations, Bob's Boathouse owes the county $2,250, Preisser added. By law, the business has 30 days from the date a citation is issued either to pay a fine or to appeal it, he explained. By order of a Special Magistrate, Bob's Boathouse has 45 days from March 21 to complete the removal of all nuisance and invasive vegetation on the property, a process that is under way. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE ATTORNEY FOR BOB'S BOATHOUSE SAYS THE BUSINESS WILL DENY IT HAS VIOLATED A REVISED COUNTY ORDINANCE NEIGHBORS HAD HOPED WOULD BRING THEM PEACE A DISPUTE OVER NOISE By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor We're fighting quite a battle James Aker Attorney For Bob's Boathouse

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