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Nonetheless, Patterson continued, he had pointed out earlier that owners would have to abide by the Florida Building Code in recon structing condominium complexes, and the code "in many, many instances is a whole lot more demanding" than it was when the build ings were erected. Further, she said, "I'm assuming that you can't rebuild ignoring FEMA, either." "Correct," Wreford told her. "Which means that all kinds of things will have to be elevated," Patterson noted. "In many cases, yes, they will," he replied. Further, he said, "Some buildable lots will no longer be" because of insufficient fill. In response to an audience member's ques tion, Wreford said Bolivar Peninsula residents have "been fairly slow in getting back up and running … well, because they didn't have a PDRP like we're going to have." Wreford also explained that staff is working on the best means of providing residents with the most updated records regarding their properties, material that will be invaluable during a recovery. With such documentation in hand, a resident would be able to hand a building official a thumb drive or CD with the records and speed up the permitting process for redevelopment. Further, satellite permit stations would be established in the field, he said. DOWN THE ROAD Wr e f o r d e x p l a i n e d t h a t t h e C o u n t y Commission will hold a public hearing before the PDRP is adopted. After its adoption, however, he noted, "It is going to be an evo lutiontype plan. … As time goes on, there's going to be a need for everincreasing speci ficity … and things added to it." Doughty of the Casey Key Association, who also was present for the discussion, said, "We shouldn't rely 100 percent on the government to be helping us [after a disaster]." The final draft of the plan needs to encourage private citizens and business owners to take steps on their own in preparation for a catastrophic event, he added. Wreford characterized the development of the PDRP as "a chance under bluesky condi tions to calmly think through scenarios: "What is the best for the community as a whole" and for the mainland and barrier islands separately. % Search for text in stories by clicking the icon in the menubar and entering a search term. Search the current edition or all editions. QUICK TIP Search Only The Issue You Are Viewing Search All Issues Your search term here Sarasota News Leader April 11, 2014 Page 68

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