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Hands down, City Editor Stan Zimmerman had the busiest week among our staff members. The high outdoor temperatures were reflected in the flaring of tempers Monday during the City Com- mission meeting. And while you may have read about some of those divisive discussions elsewhere, you will not want to miss Stan's versions. On the flip side, positive remarks ruled at the School Board meet- ings on July 22. First, the improving economy has led to a lot less stress this year for the board's budgeting process. Second, you may have read about the proposed new Universal Free Breakfast pro- gram for eight schools, but if those accounts did not include com- ments from Food and Nutrition Services Director Beverly Girard and board members, you may not grasp just how vital this plan is. On the political front, Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker clearly conveys the enthusiasm he saw at a Charlie Crist campaign gathering, and he offers an accounting of the latest debate among County Commission candidates. On the environmental front, County Editor Roger Drouin steeped himself in new details of the Lido Renourishment Project. Last week, I failed to commend to you the latest wonderful essay by regular contributor Harriet Cuthbert. She offers another one this week on a far different but topical subject. Harriet has a splendid sense of humor that comes through readily in her writing — all the more reason I should mention her articles. Finally, our other regular contributor, Fran Palmeri, has provided the second install- ment in our It's a Wild World series, which we began last month. Her nature photog- raphy is truly amazing. Editor and Publisher

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