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Porter called the I-75 interchange a "traffic nightmare" and blamed the sitting County Commission for not planning better for the increased burden. He said his experience as an investigative reporter would have led him to ask tougher questions. "If I had been on the board years ago, this probably wouldn't have happened," he told the audience. Nilon relayed a question submitted by each candidate. Ramirez asked if the candidates would support the proposed changes to the 2050 fiscal neutrality rules, which seek to ensure that new development pays for any increased burden on county resources. She said, "No," arguing that developers who receive additional density allowances under the plan should be forced to prove their neighborhoods are not costing county tax- payers elsewhere. John Minder speaks to the city and county commissioners during a joint meeting on April 1. Photo by Norman Schimmel Alan Maio. Contributed photo by Barbara Banks Sarasota News Leader July 25, 2014 Page 48

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