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Although County Commissioner Joe Barbetta voiced frustration about the need for the change, he joined his fellow board mem- bers this month in supporting action that is expected to result i n t h e a d d i t i o n o f $600,000 to a fund that assists low-income families with rehabili- tation of housing. The unanimous County Commission vote to advertise the change was spurred by the Sarasota City Commission's reaction to new federal rules that would leave the city on the hook for repayment of funds to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under certain circumstances. The final county vote is expected in late August or September on the formal trans- f e r o f t h e m o n e y f r o m t h e D o w n (From left) County Commissioners Charles Hines, Christine Robinson and Nora Patterson. File photo THE SAFER PATH BECAUSE OF FEDERAL RULE CHANGES REGARDING CERTAIN AFFORDABLE HOUSING LOANS, THE COUNTY COMMISSION TAKES THE FIRST STEP TOWARD MOVING FUNDS FROM A DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE ACCOUNT TO ONE FOR HOUSING REHABILITATION One of the big concerns that everyone has is the severe limitations that are being put on the HOME program. Don Hadsell Director Sarasota Office of Housing And Community Development By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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