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D e t e c t i v e s w i t h t h e S a r a s o t a P o l i c e Department are continuing to investigate an aggravated assault that was reported on Saturday, July 19, involving a passenger on a Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) bus, the department has reported. The victim told detectives she was riding the bus to work when a suspect in his late 20s or early 30s sat down near her, a news release explains. "During the ride, the suspect attempted to engage the victim in conver- sation," it adds. She tried to ignore him, it continues, but when the suspect asked the victim her name, she gave it. The victim told officers the suspect then began to repeat her name incessantly. The victim said he also asked for her phone number, the release notes, but she refused to give it. Afterward, the victim reported that the suspect rose from his seat and, with his back to the front of the bus, removed his black flip phone, wallet and a light blue or silver box cutter knife from his pocket, the release says. He proceeded to open the knife, revealing the square blade, according to the release. The victim said the suspect brandished the knife and then closed it and put it away. Video footage of the suspect can be viewed on the Sarasota Police Department YouTube page, the release points out. The SCAT aggravated assault suspect is shown in video surveillance. Image courtesy Sarasota Police Department AGGRAVATED ASSAULT ON SCAT BUS UNDER INVESTIGATION CRIME BLOTTER

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