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CITY BRIEFING City Island is home to Marine Max, which soon should be signing an extended lease with the City of Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP REGISTRY, MARINE MAX LEASE AND SALES OF CITY-OWNED PROPERTY NOTCH AHEAD By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The Sarasota City Commission made marginal gains on several fronts Monday, Oct. 15. It ap- proved a host of neighborhood micro-grants without turning a hair, gave the green light to a domestic partnership registry, looked favor- ably upon a long-term lease at City Island and wrestled with the sale of real estate in today's market. The commissioners approved the domestic partnership registry, but they scrambled to figure out when it should begin. Ken Shelin, the former city commissioner who pioneered adoption of the concept in record time (for city business, that is), wanted implementation as soon as possible. Normally, it takes 90 days to put a new ordinance into effect. However, City Auditor and Clerk Pam Nad- alini said her staff is swamped. "My office is eager to assist in this process," she said. "Our biggest concern is we are in the process of vehicles-for-hire renewals, and that requires virtually all of my staff." Getting through the taxi and limo inspections and paperwork will consume her staff's time for the next month, she said. City Manager Tom Barwin said he would be willing to volunteer some of his staff to help, but he was rebuffed by Nadalini.

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