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Sarasota News Leader October 19, 2012 TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL? That was the question pertaining to seven par- cels of real estate the city approved for sale months ago. Now that offers are coming in, city staffers wanted some reassurance from the commission that they should proceed with sales. "Should staff decline any offer below the Sarasota County property appraiser's figure?" asked Purchasing Director Mary Tucker. "The market is fractured." City Manager Tom Barwin listens to discus- sion during a Sarasota City Commission meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel "We could help her out, develop the forms," he said. "My former community has had a part- nership registry for many years." "The forms aren't the problem," she said. "It's a staffing problem." A sample form attached to the ordinance was derived from those in other communities where registries exist. The city attorney and the clerk will develop one specific to Sarasota. Of note: The sample is an affidavit, and it spe- cifically forbids married people from applying for the registry. When asked why that was the case, the city attorney was unable to provide a clear answer except to indicate that would be an unnecessary redundancy for married couples. The city commissioners must approve the forms before the documents can be used. They set a date of Dec. 4 for implementation of the policy. Three parcels were of particular interest. One is on the northeast corner of Washington Bou- levard and 12th Street. The city listed it for $125,000 and received an offer for $100,000. Much later in the discussion, Commissioner Paul Caragiulo moved to sell it for $100,000. The motion was approved 4-1. (Commissioner Terry Turner was in the minority). Another lot was at 2425 Central Ave. The ap- praisal for taxes is $18,700, and the real es- tate appraisal is $6,000. Two offers have come in. One is $16,000 from a church; the other, $16,500 from a firm specializing in rental real estate. "We get $500 [more] and it goes on the tax rolls," said Commissioner Paul Caragiulo. However, Commissioner Willie Shaw made a motion to sell the lot to the church for $16,000; the motion passed 4-1 (Turner again in the mi- nority). The most complex questions were reserved for 1440 Boulevard of the Arts (Sixth Street). This parcel, which is vacant, is the site of a former community garden; it was set to be- come the site of affordable housing until the Page 46

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