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CONTENTS CODE LEWIS' LEGACY LEWIS' LEGACY CONFLICTS NEWS & COMMENTARY Analysis: 'Stacked-deck process' leads to picks of new police chief, city manager — Stan Zimmerman CODE CONFLICTS A Siesta couple wants to open a food-truck business in Siesta Village, but island organizations oppose the plan — Rachel Brown Hackney LETTING IT ALL OUT Group therapy session breaks out at joint County Commission-Venice Council meeting — Cooper Levey-Baker INTO THE MINEFIELD Sarasota City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo cracks open the 'noise-ordinance box' — Stan Zimmerman HOW MANY OATHS? The Florida Republican Party says a newly elected Sarasota County committeewoman cannot take office because she failed to file a state loyalty oath — Rachel Brown Hackney A NEW SCHOOL FOR SARASOTA 'TELEPHONE TOWN HALL' A UNIFIED FRONT Sarasota County's 10th charter school wins approval, but change is in the air for charter schools — Scott Proffitt Reaching 4,368 households, a Sarasota County School Board phone poll shows 78 percent satisfied with their children's education — Scott Proffitt Legislative Summit participants in Sarasota County want their voices heard in Tallahassee — Cooper Levey-Baker HOW DIFFERENT A BOARD? Proposals for single-member County Commission districts and expansion of districts from five to seven shot down by Charter Board — Stan Zimmerman COVER PHOTOS: Front - Norman Schimmel; Sarasota Leisure - Norman Schimmel 13 18 21 24 29 32 34 36 38

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