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EXOTIC HOME AWAY FROM HOME For a change of pace on vacation, try living in someone else's home. Photo by Zestmarina | Dreams- TRY TRADING YOUR HOUSE FOR A PRICELESS ADVENTURE IN AN AREA YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO VISIT By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer Today's travel options are as endless and var- ied as the countries and destinations sought by the traveler. With few exceptions, we now have safe and easy access to the whole world. Depending on our budget and time allotment, we can choose to go dog-sledding in the Arc- tic, mountain climbing in Asia, glacier trek- king in South America or maybe just relaxing at a beautiful beach in a place with such an exotic name as the Maldives, Ipanema or Ta- hiti. Many people who visit foreign lands prefer in-depth urban adventures — discovering a new restaurant in a hidden alley; enjoying a visit to a world-famous museum that hous- es their favorite artist's masterpieces; or just people-watching at an interesting café. For those who definitely prefer the urban life- style and cannot afford to stay in a hotel for as long as they would like, I am recommending a home exchange. Put simply, a home exchange is the act of staying in someone else's house while they are staying in your house. The most common question asked — immediately, I might add — when this topic is broached is, "What should I

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