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CHANGES IN STORE FOR 2050? (From left) Sarasota County Commissioners Joe Barbetta, Charles Hines and Christine Robinson have been most vocal about taking another look at the 2050 Plan. Photo by Rachel Hackney WITH SOME BUILDERS CALLING THE PLAN TOO STRICT, THE COUNTY COMMISSION MAY TAKE A HARD LOOK AT REVAMPING IT IN 2013 By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Sarasota County���s 2050 plan may not make it Originally approved a decade ago, the 2050 past 2013 intact. plan was intended to encourage developers working outside the county���s Urban Service On Sept. 18, the Sarasota County Commission Area Boundary to incorporate green space instructed staff to meet with developers who have had firsthand experience dealing with into their designs and to fight urban sprawl Sarasota 2050, the ambitious and detailed and reduce automobile traffic as the county���s population increases. Dan Lobeck, an attorney document created to and the president of guide development in Control Growth Now, the county���s eastern I would think it would raise alarm calls the 2050 plan a portions. The idea: to generate ideas for how bells if someone asked the fox how to ���grand bargain��� that to update the 2050 redesign the henhouse. That���s effectively allowed developers access to areas east plan, a move which what the County Commission is doing. of I-75 in exchange has environmental and Dan Lobeck managed growth advofor strict regulation of President Control Growth Now cates concerned. what could be built.

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