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PONDERING THE FUTURE Chain-link fencing surrounds the former Community Garden parcel on Boulevard of the Arts in the Rosemary District. Photo by Norman Schimmel CITY STAFF ASKS RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS HOW THEY WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE ROSEMARY DISTRICT TRANSFORMED By Stan Zimmerman City Editor A one-acre parcel sparked a broad community The ���catalyst��� to which Barwin referred is the discussion about the future of the Rosemary old Community Garden parcel on Sixth Street District on Monday, Dec. 10. City Manager (aka Boulevard of the Arts). It lies adjacent Tom Barwin opened the meeting by saying to a city-owned parking lot on Fifth Street; the city-owned land could be a catalyst for together, they comprise just a tad more than redevelopment of the historically depressed one acre. area adjacent to downCurrent zoning of town, north of FruitYou have a moment in time where the two properties ville Road. the development world is going to get is Downtown Edge, which allows 25 dwellA ���varsity team��� for the active again. Interest rates are at an alling units per acre and city attended the meettime low. It���s a heaven-sent opportunity a five-story maximum ing, including a host of to do an increase in density. height. But Chapdelain planners. Chief Plansaid, ���Anything is posner Ryan Chapdelain Ian Black Realtor sible. There are incenwas the moderator.

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