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In our never-ending quest to help you navigate more easily through our publication, we have taken some new steps this week to facilitate the process. First, we realized that we have never pointed out that all of the headlines in our table of contents are interactive. If something catches your eye immediately, just click on that headline if you are using a computer or tap on it if you are using a tablet or smartphone, and you will go directly to that story. If you wish to go back to the very beginning of the issue, all you need to do is click on the double arrow symbol on the left side of the page when you finish reading the article. In addition, our production manager, Cleve Posey, has ���sprinkled��� a number of tips throughout our pages. We hope they will help you understand more clearly the options available to you for emailing articles, for example, or posting links to them on Facebook. We certainly want to make it as simple as possible for you to share what we publish each week. As much as we may enjoy writing the stories (some more than others, admittedly, with the enthusiasm level sometimes linked to how long we have sat through a meeting), our efforts are for naught if you cannot quickly find a particular article or cannot figure out how to send it to someone you know would enjoy it as much as you did. I also want to encourage those of you who read the News Leader on a computer to use the fullscreen toggle to expand each page to a widescreen perspective. That will make it much easier on your eyes. With all the diverse issues going on right now in the city and the county, we feel you have plenty of topics to choose from in this week���s issue as you put our reader tips to use. Editor and Publisher

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