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CONTENTS EL CID OR DON QUIXOTE? UNDER SCRUTINY Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY EL CID OR DON QUIXOTE? 12 VOICING OPPOSITION 16 CHANGES IN STORE FOR 2050? 21 PONDERING THE FUTURE 24 MOVING FORWARD WITH BONDS 28 UNDER SCRUTINY 34 MOVING PAST ANY DOUBTS 36 SHELTER STANDARDS 39 PAYNE PARK SPOTLIGHT 41 HURRICANE SEASON 2012 43 Analysis: Caragiulo tilts at the noise ordinance ��� Stan Zimmerman The Siesta Key Association and property owners indicate opposition to efforts to build on two Beach Road parcels that have been under the Gulf of Mexico in years past ��� Rachel Brown Hackney With some builders calling the plan too strict, the County Commission may take a hard look at revamping it in 2013 ��� Cooper Levey-Baker City staff asks residents and business owners how they would like to see the Rosemary District transformed ��� Stan Zimmerman The County Commission authorizes final design and bidding out of the Siesta Public Beach project, with funding from bond revenue but with a change in how construction management will be handled ��� Rachel Brown Hackney Business organizations want to see caf�� owners keeping umbrellas over outdoor tables out of the way of pedestrians ��� Stan Zimmerman Variance requests questioned One partner in the construction management team hired by the County Commission to work on the new Emergency Operations Center built a parking garage that collapsed in south Florida ��� Rachel Brown Hackney County Commission approves funding to make most of the rebuilt Booker High School suitable as a hurricane shelter ��� Rachel Brown Hackney Focus on city facility comes as a result of a possible new leash law, upgraded amenities and a skateboard park package snafu ��� Stan Zimmerman Storms came and mostly went, until Sandy put its name in the record books with its pre-election devastation ��� Stan Zimmerman NEWS BRIEFS48 COVER PHOTOS: Front - Norman Schimmel; Sarasota Leisure - Norman Schimmel

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