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Sarasota News Leader December 14, 2012 Asked whether any buildings in Sarasota adhere to the Bauhaus concepts, Renoux pointed to New College of Florida���s set of dormitories dating to 2007. Those buildings, with features complying with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), were constructed with AAC. Renoux clarified, however, that that concrete is present only between columns of the buildings instead of being incorporated throughout the structures; that renders its inclusion less effective. Page 64 fordable products ��� which Renoux said are clearly influenced by the Bauhaus school ��� appears to be thriving in places like Tampa, despite the economic downturn. In fact, the company could actually be benefitting from the fact that many consumers are budget-conscious when shopping for their homes, choosing to buy its modest, affordable products rather than springing for more lavish items. As a result, a number of Americans may be furnishing their homes with Bauhaus-inspired products and designs without knowing it. Additionally, in 2011, New College construct- For people who shop at Ikea, ���There is nothed its Academic Center, which was awarded ing to be ashamed of,��� Renoux exclaimed. ���It Gold LEED certification by the USGBC. This may not be the Rolls Royce, but it���s certainly building boasts a numnot a Pinto, though it���s ber of environmentalthe price of a Pinto,��� he ly friendly innovations said. as well as a student Although Ikea���s poplounge with an interior ularity may just be a design that appears to fad, the various ideas have been influenced Renoux pointed out ilby Bauhaus. The lounge lustrate the numerous features vividly painted ways Bauhaus conwalls and bright, modcepts have endured ern furniture. Not surover time. Regardless prisingly, behind one of how they can be imof the colorful pieces plemented ��� whether of furniture in the Acain the architecture of an demic Center lies a box environmentally friendwith a yet-to-be-assemly home or the design of bled product from the a simple, sleek desk ��� international furniture Renoux made it clear and accessories store the working class ideas Jean Renoux chose to pose with Jack Ikea. Dowd���s Andy Warhol homage One���s Comand designs of the BauThe Swedish company, pany, Two���s a Crowd out of a selection of haus school continue to pieces from the exhibition Artists Who with its simple, often Made Sarasota Famous ��� Part II at Art be relevant throughout colorful designs and af- Center Sarasota. Photo by Tyler Whitson the world. %

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