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Sarasota News Leader December 14, 2012 Page 69 With a degree in math, Swier taught himself all it���s more of a tool and less of a true product the technical stuff, including all the computer you can competitively market. I realized creativity was more important.��� programming he has done. WHAT DO WE DO? Even now, his focus is on the possibilities of the future. He continued, ���Technology, you can outsource to India. You can write software all day long, but there are thousands of people that can do that. The ones that rise above all that are the ones that are creative, and so that���s when I came up with the concept of The HuB not just embracing this fact that creativity was the asset of the future but embracing the fact that Sarasota was more prone to be a creative center than a technology center.��� ���I have a lot of businesses in the HuB,��� he says. ������ I realized I liked startups, so I started an incubator along with numerous companies. Around 2007-08, I realized that technology was no longer the competitive edge for me, because of several things: Sarasota doesn���t have a strong technology base, and in general Swier pointed out, ���The town has a creative technology is becoming more commoditized; history and culture, huge supporters of the The grand opening allowed participants to get a look at the interior of The HuB as well. Photo by Scott Proffitt

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