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Dabbert Gallery in downtown Sarasota is showcasing works by James Griffin in Sunlight Seduction, which will continue through March 31, the gallery has announced. It is located at 76 S. Palm Ave. "Sunlight … is the engine that drives the paintings of James Griffin," a news release says. "His work is at once classic and up-to- the minute in its focus, moving between vivid realistic depictions of sunlit streets to rhyth- mic compositions that include abstraction in a fascinating painterly dance," the release adds. "Sometimes the light in his images is intense, with strong definition between areas of sun and shade," the release continues. At other times, the light "is the softest glow of the post-sunset evening, washing everything with gold. But always it is the sunlight that seduces this artist." For more information, call 955-1315 or visit Angel Trumpets by James Griffin. Contributed image GRIFFIN'S WORKS FEATURED IN SUNLIGHT SEDUCTION THIS MONTH A&E BRIEFS

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