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CONTENTS Vol. 2, No. 26 — March 14, 2014 REMEDIES AT HAND LGBT RIGHTS ON THE TABLE NEWS & COMMENTARY REMEDIES AT HAND 9 State transportation officials are implementing changes at the intersection of Stickney Point Road and Midnight Pass Road to alleviate traffic tie-ups resulting from a 'No Turn on Red' directive — Rachel Brown Hackney LGBT RIGHTS ON THE TABLE 14 Will Sarasota County act on an ordinance to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination? — Cooper Levey-Baker REVENUE STREAMS 17 Proponents say approval of Amendment 1 in November would mean more conservation efforts across the Sunshine State, but a county commissioner worries about its impact on other projects — Roger Drouin A MATTER OF DEGREES 24 Residents near Bob's Boathouse ask for further tweaking of the bass levels among proposed changes to the county's Air and Sound Pollution Ordinance — Rachel Brown Hackney ABOUT THAT MONEY ... 32 The City Commission will have first crack at deciding how to proceed in the wake of federal caution regarding an affordable housing program — Rachel Brown Hackney PARKING DOMINATES DISCUSSION 37 The Planning Board OKs adjustments to the State Street garage plan as the city rushes to get the project done on time — Stan Zimmerman A PRIORITY 41 A diverging diamond could become the critical piece in solving a transportation improvement puzzle in the growing area of University Parkway and Interstate 75 — Roger Drouin TABLE OF CONTENTS Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: The Colors of Dawn - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: Fishing Buddies - Norman Schimmel

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