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Although county staff put up one more "No Parking" sign on Siesta Key's Avenida de Mayo and the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has signed off on the restrictions implemented there, residents remain in a quandary over continued illegal park- ing along their street, The Sarasota News Leader has learned. On March 8, Avenida d e M a y o r e s i d e n t M a r l e n e M e r k l e emailed a new batch of photos to the Sarasota County commissioners, pointing out that drivers are not obeying the parking prohibi- tions the board approved on Oct. 23, 2013. As stipulated by the commission, no parking is allowed on the street or the public right of way from the inter- section of Avenida de Mayo and Canal Road to the intersec- tion of Avenida de Mayo and Avenida de Cortez. Beyond that, no-parking zones are staggered in 500-foot A photo taken by Marlene Merkle on the evening of March 7 shows numerous vehicles parked illegally on Avenida de Mayo. Photo courtesy Marlene Merkle AVENIDA DE MAYO RESIDENTS ARE ASKING THAT COUNTY STAFF MAKE ONE MORE ATTEMPT AT CLARIFYING NEW 'NO PARKING' SIGNAGE ON THEIR STREET STILL A MUDDLE My neighbors and I understand we can call dispatch when we see violations, but we don't want to become pests because drivers are confused. Marlene Merkle Resident Avenida de Mayo By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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