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CITY BRIEFS One proposed 'wayfinding' sign would point people to downtown arts destinations. Image courtesy City of Sarasota WAYFINDING PROJECT TO SUFFER CUT; NO APPEAL OF CHILDERS' REINSTATEMENT TO THE POLICE FORCE By Stan Zimmerman City Editor WAYFINDING SURVIVES FISCAL THREAT The City of Sarasota's love-and-fear affair with "wayfinding" survived another scrape with fi- nancial reality on Monday Oct. 8. The City Commission urged staff to continue the project, but to cut the $1.4 million price tag by 40%. The project has led an on-and-off existence since 2005. In 2009, the commission picked a design for the unique signs to help tourists find various destinations. "There are 60 desti- nations within the system," said City Planner Cliff Smith. "Wayfinding is intended for people who are not familiar with the city." The first phase of the project would guide people from the city limits, where they would see a large "Welcome" sign. About 170 signs altogether would direct people to the desti- nations of their choice. The estimated cost of this phase is $590,000. The second phase would comprise about 80 signs to assist people in finding a parking spot at their destination, plus four signs to help people find their way back to the interstate. Cost for this phase is $276,000. The third and fourth phases would help pedes- trians find their way around downtown and St. Armands Circle.

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