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Sarasota News Leader October 12, 2012 OPINION There are five other proposed amendments to the city charter: • Super majority vote for certain franchises, contracts, leases and pension plan changes • Derivatives prohibition • No Certificates of Participation to be is- sued unless approved at referendum • Deletion of Alternate Minimum Wage • Citizens' Initiative Petition to Amend Charter, Extension of Time to Obtain Sig- natures GIT IT RIGHT OR GIT IT GONE By Stan Zimmerman City Editor COMMENTARY Calling all advi- Get right with "Sunshine" or move aside. sory boards! The City of Sarasota is embarking on a re-ed- ucation campaign for all of its advisory board members because it appears the initial brief- ings on open meetings and public records did not make a lasting impression on them. In a highly unusual "notice to the public," City Auditor and Clerk Pamela Nadalini has announced two huge meetings embracing a large number of people. "Notice is hereby given that one or more Sara- sota City Commissioners and members of City advisory boards may be attending one of two training sessions concerning Florida's Govern- ment-in-the-Sunshine laws and City policies regarding email, internet and intranet usage," the notice reads. Considering the city has at least 25 advisory boards of five members or more each, plus the five city commissioners, the mandatory train- ing sessions could cover 150 or more people. Each and every one will be expected to sign a document saying he or she has received the training and understands the requirements of We find that all five of these proposed amend- ments would improve the conduct of the city's business or make citizens' initiatives more practicable. We do note, with more than a lit- tle consternation, that the proposal for a su- permajority of commissioners is akin to clos- ing the proverbial barn door after the horse has fled. But better late than never. We recommend that voters in the City of Sarasota vote FOR these five amend- ments. Page 71

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