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A Sarasota County Commission vote after a March 19 public hearing could provide neigh- bors of Bob's Boathouse relief from loud music many say has vexed them for months. After a brief discussion on Feb. 19, the com- mission voted unanimously to advertise the p u b l i c h e a r i n g o n revisions to the coun- ty's Air and Sound Pollution Ordinance. Those changes would a l l o w c o m m e r c i a l establishments such as Bob's Boathouse to be treated the same as intense industrial uses in terms of noise emis- sions. The revisions also would allow meter readings to be taken from the property line of a person making a complaint instead of solely at the site of the establishment emitting the sound that is the focus of the complaint. A staff memo to the commission says, "An additional table has been provided that will allow for the opportu- nity to measure sound levels from the receiv- ing property's real Neighbors on the west side of South Tamiami Trail also have complained to the County Commission about loud music from Bob's Boathouse (marked with the flag). Image from Google Maps A MARCH 19 PUBLIC HEARING WILL DETERMINE WHETHER A REVISED COUNTY ORDINANCE GIVES RELIEF TO NEIGHBORS OF BOB'S BOATHOUSE TAMING THE NOISE We can understand how POWs can be broken down so easily and quickly with constant stress, noise and lack of sleep. Michelle Lee Resident Montclair Drive By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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