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to the financial report, an estimated 54 percent of the county's "governmental" infrastructure is considered aged. "Increasing percentages indicate potential need for capital outlay or rehabilitation," the report reads. Commissioners said they also want to address the rising costs of the county's medical insurance fund. In October, commissioners and county staffers discussed ways to try to alleviate an anticipated 15-percent medi- cal insurance premium increase for county employees. That expected increase has been attributed to climbing expenses for the coun- ty's self-funded medical account. Two other topics that drew attention Wednesday were the Building Department fees charged to developers and contractors and the county's strategy for purchasing fleet vehicles. Regarding the infrastructure issues, Ramsden told the commissioners staff planned to research and present more detailed informa- tion about conditions throughout the county. Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson and Commissioner Nora Patterson said they The financial report for the 2013 fiscal year offers a list of highlights. Image courtesy Sarasota County Clerk of Court Sarasota News Leader February 21, 2014 Page 29

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