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CONTENTS Vol. 2, No. 23 — February 21, 2014 NEWS BRIEFS OPINION TO BE CONTINUED 50 The County Commission continues a public hearing on a controversial Siesta Key construction project until April 23 while the owners work on yet another a new plan — Rachel Brown Hackney A BIT OF A STRETCH 56 County commissioners question a sea-level rise argument put forth by a staff member to prevent the vacation of county right of way on Siesta Key — Rachel Brown Hackney STILL TRYING TO PARE COSTS 62 County commissioners remain wary of bus shelter expenses, with one commissioner calling for a new means of procuring the structures — Rachel Brown Hackney FIGHTING SYNTHETIC DRUGS 68 A new law will enable the Sheriff's Office and county Code Enforcement staff to enforce a ban on sale and possession of certain types of 'designer drugs' — Rachel Brown Hackney BIG HEARTS 72 First Step of Sarasota honors Sheriff Tom Knight and underscores the importance of its Mothers and Infants program — Vicki Chatley NEWS BRIEFS 76 CRIME BLOTTER 88 OPINION EDITORIAL 90 Bob's Boathouse proves to be a scourge on its neighbors Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article

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