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the Terrace and Terrace East condominium complexes in Siesta Village learned prior to the start of the Feb. 19 meeting that a request would be made to continue the public hearing. After Chairman Charles Hines announced the agenda item, Howard Berna, the county's environmental super- visor, first told the board he had received "a substantial amount of public comment" on the petition for a variance to construct a new residence and paver driveway that would extend a maximum of 176.5 feet beyond the Gulf Beach Setback Line (GBSL). Then Berna announced that the property owners' agent, William Merrill of the Icard Merrill firm in Sarasota, had notified him the previous day that the owners wanted to con- tinue the public hearing. Merrill told the commissioners, "My client and a couple of neigh- bor property owners had discussions [as recently as the previ- ous weekend] about some alternatives to what is being pro- posed today, and they would like additional time to be able to discuss that … to see if that is a fruitful discussion …" A revised site plan for 162 Beach Road shows less construction beyond the Gulf Beach Setback Line. Image courtesy Sarasota County I see this as a positive, an opportunity to work and be creative. Charles Hines Chairman Sarasota County Commission Sarasota News Leader February 21, 2014 Page 51

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