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The Sarasota County Commission incorpo- rated one new recommendation from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in a proposed synthetic drug ordinance before voting unan- imously last week to approve the law. That change added an impairment stan- dard in determining whether a substance can be considered a "designer drug" under the ordinance. The measure will make it illegal to pos- sess synthetic Cannabinoids — popularly known as K2 or Spice; synthetic or substi- tute Cathinones, stimulants commonly called "bath salts" that pro- duce effects similar to those of methamphet- amine or cocaine; and Kratom, a "natural, herbal psychotropic stimulant and opioid substitute," according A Sarasota County Health and Human Services staff presentation included images of an array of synthetic drug packages. Image courtesy Sarasota County A NEW LAW WILL ENABLE THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE AND COUNTY CODE ENFORCEMENT STAFF TO ENFORCE A BAN ON SALE AND POSSESSION OF CERTAIN TYPES OF 'DESIGNER DRUGS' FIGHTING SYNTHETIC DRUGS I'm kind of disgusted that our local stores would sell this to our kids and promote it the way they've done. Charles Hines Chairman Sarasota County Commission By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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