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outside the planned scope of the ordinance from being unintentionally targeted by it. "That's the concern that's been expressed to me by the Sheriff's Office," Pearce replied. Vice Chairwoman Christine Robinson made the motion to approve the law with the pro- posed new language. "I trust that if the County Attorney's Office is encountering problems with this or the State Attorney's Office is encountering problems with this, this will be brought back," she pointed out. As for the use of the synthetic substances, she continued, "This is a terrible problem. … The state's struggling. … This is something that we've got to get in front of. … I'm concerned that we still have folks out there that are try- ing to market this to our youth." Commissioner Nora Patterson, who seconded the motion, told her colleagues, "I think Commissioner Robinson summed it up." " I ' m e c s t a t i c a b o u t t h i s o r d i n a n c e , " Commissioner Carolyn Mason said. As the board's representative on the county's Juvenile Justice Council and the Safe and Drug Free Schools Advisory Committee, she added, she has "seen and heard a lot of nega- tive things about these designer drugs …" Hines pointed out, "There's no redeeming benefit to this type of stuff. … I'm kind of dis- gusted that our local stores would sell this to our kids and promote it the way they've done." He is hopeful, he continued, that other coun- ties and the state will follow Sarasota County's lead on the law. Following passage of the ordinance, Sheriff Tom Knight said in a news release, "The Board of County Commissioners clearly understood the importance of banning these substances to protect our community. There is no legit- imate use for synthetic drugs and now we can safeguard our youth from their harmful effects." The Sheriff's Office's release added, "The Sarasota County ordinance fills the gap between products regulated as controlled sub- stances and products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). … Once the ordinance is officially recorded by the State of Florida, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office will take immediate enforcement action." % Sarasota News Leader February 21, 2014 Page 71

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