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BOB'S BOATHOUSE PROVES TO BE A SCOURGE ON ITS NEIGHBORS OPINION EDITORIAL EDITORIAL It is a situation we all would dread: moving to a quiet neighborhood in a sunny resort town, only to find that across a narrow body of water from your home sits a raucous honky- tonk that blasts out music till all hours of the night, making sleep impossible. Anyone can choose unwisely the location of a home. Buying a house under the flight path of a busy city airport is not the best way to attain peace and quiet. We also have observed previously in this space that those who buy condominiums in the heart of a bustling downtown are being somewhat naïve when they express outrage upon encountering noise in that city center. However, purchasing a home in a quiet resi- dential area located on an island in Phillippi Creek, only a few hundred feet from a major cemetery, should come with the reasonable expectation that you have found the perfect combination of rural and urban life on the Suncoast. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for the hapless residents of the Monticello neighbor- hood and its environs, especially those living along Montclair Drive. They are separated by a narrow tributary of Phillippi Creek from their nemesis, Bob's Boathouse. Advertised as being open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bob's Boathouse opened on Nov. 3, 2013, with posted hours from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. And almost immediately after that opening, OPINION

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