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The chairman and vice chairwoman of the Sarasota County Commission say it was no surprise to learn last week that County Administrator Tom Harmer had begun making significant changes to the county's organiza- tional plan. "That's his role as administrator," C h a i r m a n C h a r l e s H i n e s t o l d T h e Sarasota News Leader on March 31, three d a y s a f t e r H a r m e r announced in an email that he was appointing a new ethics officer and an acting director of the Natural Resources Department. "And I agree with what he's done," Hines added. The actions are among a number of changes set to go into effect on Oct. 1. The new ethics officer, Steve Olmstead, has been with Sarasota County Government f o r a b o u t 1 2 - a n d - a-half years, all in Human Resources, J a m i e C a r s o n , a A chart shows the new organization of Sarasota County departments effective as of Oct. 1. Image courtesy Sarasota County TWO DEPARTMENT CHIEFS LOSE THEIR JOBS AS THE ADMINISTRATOR BEGINS TO PUT HIS OWN STAMP ON SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT 'THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' ' [Tom Harmer has] had the ability to actively review this. … Like any CEO, he's putting his personal touch on things. Charles Hines Chairman Sarasota County Commission By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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