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urban service boundary, and to move away from promoting so-called "smart growth," a concept that encourages the construction of walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods instead of suburban sprawl. Those proposals were greeted with a rapid backlash, as well as sharp criticism of the county's decision to hire a firm with close ties to hard-right politics. Founder Arthur Laffer promotes himself as "the father of supply-side economics" because of his time in the Reagan administration, while partner Donna Arduin has been close to Gov. Rick Scott since advising him during his first run for office. Structurally, at least, the second draft of Laffer's report, delivered Dec. 20, is much different. While the original document began with perhaps its most controversial portion Donna Arduin is the consultant the county hired to review the fiscal neutrality aspects of the 2050 Plan. Photo via Flickr A county chart lists facets of the New Urbanism tenet that are part of the 2050 Plan. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 10

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