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This month's column continues the focus on tools I deem essential for the properly equipped gardener. My second-favorite tool, ranked right behind my hand pruners, is the long-handled hedge shears. Many landscape maintenance professionals do not even possess this tool. It is possible to maintain hedges with power equipment if the blades are kept sharp and a light hand is employed. Unfortunately, the generally accepted modus operandi is to fire up a gas- or electric-powered machine and lunge into the hedges β€” ripping, tearing and shredding foliage with apparent impunity. Poinsettias can thrive and bloom outdoors with the proper care. Photo by Rick Wielgorecki LONG-HANDLED HEDGE SHEARS CAN SERVE A HOME GARDENER β€” AND PLANTS β€” QUITE WELL By Rick Wielgorecki Contributing Writer Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 91

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