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Sarasota News Leader June 21, 2013 Page 16 it will be chaired by former Sarasota Police "When you run the numbers and throw money at the issue, it's a never-ending cycle of Capt. Paul Sutton. street-hospital-jail," she said. "That's what my "The Alliance wouldn't exist without coun- research tells me," she told the group on Tuesty funding," said the Rev. Tom Pfaff with the day afternoon, June 18. Sarasota Ministerial Association. Barwin is engaged in finding out what those Barwin noted the group has invited to town numbers are in Sarasota. "I had a retired aua well-known expert in helping the homeless ditor from the Department of Interior visit my transition back into civil society. office, and she offered with two friends to de"Dr. Robert Marbut is coming here on July 18," termine the true cost of homelessness in SaraBarwin said. "He'll meet with the Community sota," he said. "With 100 homeless in the jail Alliance and then speak at a public forum at on any day, and 1,200 visits to the emergency New College. The foundations will be listen- room at Sarasota Memorial every year, that's ing carefully to see how he is received by the $5 million," he added. "I wouldn't be surprised to see it grow to $7, $8, $9 million." community." Marbut helped establish a couple of facilities for the homeless in Pinellas County. One, for homeless people with criminal backgrounds, is an adjunct to the county jail; the other and larger facility requires screening and accepts families. 'LAWYERING UP' 'MILLION-DOLLAR MURRAY' pie Park, meanwhile, are fuming. Since 2009, Liz Nolan has chaired a homeless focus group, starting at the Selby Library in downtown Sarasota and relocating to City Hall in 2011. This week, she cited an Atlantic Monthly article about the cost of one homeless individual in Nevada, a man dubbed "Million-Dollar Murray" because that is what it cost the state to take care of him. Guillory shrewdly retained Andrea Mogensen of Sarasota as her attorney. She is claiming Guillory's "Trinity without Borders" is a faithbased organization and therefore does not need city permission to practice its religion. While Sutton gears up his new committee, Chapman said Guillory "faces overwhelming opposition to what she is proposing. But that does not deter her; she is a woman on a mission. She is lawyering up … but, unfortunatePfaff said Sutton would be looking for stake- ly, that isn't problem-solving." holders. The group will report back monthly. Guillory foresees the Sanctuary of Sarasota as "We now have tremendous momentum," said a place for tents and trailers, storage and eduPfaff. cation, for the homeless. Residents of Gilles- Mogensen has regularly bested the city in legal challenges over Sunshine Law and public records violations. %

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