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NOT AGAIN! Tall grass in medians and on county rights of way last summer sparked a number of residents' complaints. File photo THE COUNTY COMMISSION LEARNS THAT YET ANOTHER FIRM HIRED FOR MOWING HAS BEEN UNABLE TO PERFORM THE WORK AND PONDERS THE REASONS ONE ZONE SEEMS TO BE THE FOCUS OF PROBLEMS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor One might say Sarasota County Commissioner Joe Barbetta was channeling Yogi Berra late on the afternoon of June 18 with an implied burst of "It's like déjà vu all over again." handle right of way mowing and median maintenance in the county's North Urban Zone had been unable to perform according to the county's specifications. When Spencer Anderson, director of field services, stood before I know we have to look for the the County Commislowest price, but it hasn't worked out too sion to present the well in this zone. Each time we find it, we last agenda item for find somebody who can't perform. the regular meeting on Tuesday, he delivered Joe Barbetta Commissioner news that the firm Sarasota County hired in late April to In other words, Anderson was telling the commissioners they were going to have to hire another firm to take over the work. "How can this many people fail that quickly?" Barbetta asked.

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