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Sarasota News Leader June 21, 2013 Page 35 According to Duany's organic philosophy of appropriate solution. He urged the City Comurban growth, Sarasota skipped the fun part. mission to work out a master plan in cooper"You've got little bungalows next to Miami ation with neighborhood decision-making. Beach high-rises, and not a stone's throw away, empty lots," he said. "You never had City Commissioner Suzanne Atwell asked your teenage years." Those would have been Duany for advice in the aftermath of Mona time of the five-story day's City Commission buildings common in vote to start crafting a metropolitan areas in In my field the present is almost form-based code for both North America Sarasota. (See the reirrelevant. and Europe. lated story in this isAndres Duany sue.) "Now the suburbs Urban Planner are competing with He pointed to the Sarathe city. This is really sota County manual strange and new," he added. "If you make it difficult to build downtown, go to the sub- for low-impact development, which is a way urbs — if it's too much of a pain to redevelop of treating stormwater. "Why does it have to downtown. Except every building that goes be 100 pages long?" he asked. "A developer to the suburbs is an economic and ecological wants a dashboard version, with a dial that disaster." tells him how fast he's going and another that Duany is a believer in global warming, that the tells him how much resources are available. carbon economy is ruinous in the long term He doesn't want to hire a consultant to read and that higher density — not sprawl — is an [the manual] for him." The Plaza at Five Points towers over shops on Main Street. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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