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No. 40 — June 21, 2013 CONTENTS TENT CITY OPENS FROM WHOLE FOODS TO TARGET Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY A LAW ENFORCEMENT QUAGMIRE 8 TENT CITY OPENS 13 JUSTIFYING NEW POSITIONS 17 STILL TRYING 23 NOT AGAIN! 29 FROM WHOLE FOODS TO TARGET 34 CITY BRIEFS 37 STILL HAUNTED BY THE MOU 40 AN IMPROPERLY CLEARED PATH 43 The Sarasota County sheriff says deputies are being called more and more frequently to handle situations in the city of Sarasota, including noise-monitoring complaints — Rachel Brown Hackney One woman creates a sanctuary for the homeless in Sarasota while city officials and nonprofit groups ponder other ways to help those with no place to call their own — Stan Zimmerman County commissioners question requests for new staff positions in the next fiscal year, citing the continued use of reserve funds to balance the budget — Rachel Brown Hackney The County Commission proposes changes in the North Port City Commission's revision of an agreement regarding the management of Warm Mineral Springs, with a short-term closure of the resort pending — Rachel Brown Hackney The County Commission learns that yet another firm hired for mowing has been unable to perform the work and ponders the reasons one zone seems to be the focus of problems — Rachel Brown Hackney New Urbanist planner Andres Duany returns to the 'scene of the crime' to provide the current city and county commissions an update on his vision of the community — Stan Zimmerman Lindsey edges Antunes for Sarasota Planning Board seat; form-based code work approved for the city — Stan Zimmerman County commissioners press city leaders to get 'air rights' squared away over a downtown parcel eyed by a developer as the site of a new hotel — Stan Zimmerman A conservation easement area on Siesta Key that was the site of environmental violations last year linked to nearby property owners has been the focus of a new violation this week — Rachel Brown Hackney PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Lagoonside Shade - Robert Hackney Sarasota Leisure: Always in Touch - Robert Hackney

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