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Sarasota News Leader OUR NIK June 21, 2013 OPINION Page 63 By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer return trip. His manager checks all the basics, and then Nik steps gingerly onto the wire, wearing those beautiful soft leather shoes that are made with such love by his mom. He has fantastic concentration, plus a lot of conThe fans are go- fidence, as he seems to glide across the cable. ing wild. Their mouths are wide open but not a sound is ut- We fans are having a hard time keeping up with him and we are just walking on level tered. They would not dare make a noise beground. As Nik reaches the halfway point cause they are watching Nik Wallenda pracand begins his return, the puffy white clouds tice walking a high wire in preparation for his above him form an almost heaven-like backGrand Canyon Walk on June 23. drop and add to his aura. He then seems to alEditor's note: Sarasota News Leader contributor Harriet Cuthbert drove up to Benderson Park on June 12 to watch aerialist Nik Wallenda practice for his next feat. COMMENTARY Given the fact that he is internationally famous, it is no surprise reporters and photographers are following his every step. Aside from them, the people watching him seem to be almost all Sarasotans. most race back to his water bottles and safety, once again. Nik Wallenda is definitely a man on a mission. We wish him all the best and look forward to watching him conquer his latest challenge. Nik has been practicing about five days a week The Grand Canyon awaits … % over the past two weeks at beautiful Nathan Benderson Park, where his team has installed LETTERS TO THE EDITOR a five-eighths-inch-thick cable about 1,500 feet The Sarasota News Leader wellong and 25 feet above the ground. Promptly at 10:30 a.m. on this particular day, I see Nik climbing up to his starting point. I also see people of all ages — from toddlers with their moms to older folks sitting comfortably in their folding chairs — stop whatever they are doing and focus on Nik. It is the perfect day for a wire walk. He carefully places his water bottles on the platform in anticipation of quenching his thirst on the comes letters to the editor from its readers. Letters should be no more than 300 words in length, and include the name, street address and telephone number of the writer. Letters should be emailed to, with "Letter to the Editor" in the subject line. Letters actually printed will be selected based on space available, subject matter and other factors. We reserve the right to edit any letters submitted for length, grammar, spelling, etc. All letters submitted become the property of The Sarasota News Leader.

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