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Sarasota News Leader June 21, 2013 PLANT OF THE MONTH Continuing the idea that white has a place in the garden, I have chosen a plant that requires dense canopy to thrive. It in turn provides not one, not two, but three colors in the bargain. This is a real boon because the number of cultivars that provide color in the shade is limited. Page 71 winter weather. The top surfaces of Triostars' leaves are variegated with shades of white and green; the lower surfaces are a dark rich pink. The flowers emerge on narrow stems and are shaded a brighter, more vivid pink. A healthy specimen will ultimately grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet. I employed Triostar at a client's home in a bed My nominee, which was chosen by the Florida that was composed of some played-out dwarf Nurserymen and Growers as the plant of the India hawthornes in a mass planting. My inyear in 2008, is the Triostar ginger, Stroman- tention was to liven up the area with some much-needed color. the sanguine. Triostar is a low-growing, tropical plant which will not tolerate much direct sunlight. Dense oak canopy is an excellent environment in which it will flourish. An umbrella of foliage will also offer it some protection from cold, That autumn my client (who has impeccable taste) suggested we enhance the ginger with white impatiens. The result was a great success. Rick Wielgorecki may be contacted at 3620600 or % White impatiens enhance landscaping that includes Triostar ginger. Contributed photo

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