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Sarasota News Leader June 21, 2013 Page 76 Siesta Seen the road has two driveways, he noted. "On the north side there are 6 residences with different types of access configurations, including some circular driveways with two access points," he wrote. The north side of the right of way is heavily vegetated. Additionally, some homeowners on both sides of the road "have unlawfully placed landscape rocks, bollards and wood stoppers within the right-of-way," he continued. er grass parking area," Harriott added. "This would allow vehicles to park more on the shoulder of the roadway and open the travel lanes of North Shell Road for emergency access and general traffic circulations." The westerly 50 or so feet of North Shell Road is basically a park identified as Access 1, Harriott pointed out in the memo. Room is available to park only five or six vehicles perpendicular to the beach, he added. Not surprisingly — given the County Commission's recent budget discussions — no money is available for that work. Harriott also recommended that staff create a project that could be funded at some point in the future. Furthermore, only a 350-foot section of concrete sidewalk exists on the south side of the road in front of Solymar. "Pedestrians walking from Higel Avenue to the [beach] are required to travel the road surface," he noted. WORK THAT WILL BE DONE SOON Thanks to the 80 feet of right of way and the pavement's being closer to the southern right of way line, he continued in the June 17 memo, enough room exists "to accommodate some parking along the north edge of pavement." A rough estimate, he wrote, indicated that up to six parallel parking spaces or 10 to 15 perpendicular spaces could be added. That work will necessitate the removal of vegetation, including some established mangroves. In the past, Harriott continued, property owners along the north side of the road opposed any parking on that side. "To minimize needed improvements, clearing along the north rightof-way line could be done to provide a wid- The staff recommendation, he wrote, is to clear at least 9 feet of vegetation along the North Shell Road pavement edge to allow parking off the road. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has announced that it is time for more maintenance on the Stickney Point bridge on the southern part of Siesta. An FDOT news release says that the right westbound lane will be closed on Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, June 25, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. for the work to be completed. "Motorists are advised to use caution while in the area and to expect possible, short-term delays," the release adds. MORE PARKING Key residents know that good news about parking is almost as rare as the sight of a glacier gliding through the Gulf. However, I noticed just last week that one beach access is boasting more spaces.

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