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On three fronts, the Sarasota County com- missioners Tuesday, Jan. 28, emphasized they want to keep moving forward with plans to address homelessness — including construc- tion of a shelter in Sarasota. F i r s t , t h e b o a r d approved an ordinance giving the county flexibility to use $2.6 million for a homeless facility and related support ser- vices. That money was put into a fund in 2007 that was earmarked for affordable housing projects in the county. The change creates the potential for the county to underwrite Clearwater's homeless facility, Pinellas Safe Harbor, has been seen as a model for a shelter in Sarasota County. Photo courtesy Pinellas Safe Harbor SARASOTA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MAKE IT CLEAR THEY WANT TO MOVE FORWARD WITH PLANS FOR A HOMELESS SHELTER GETTING IT DONE Is there a perfect place to put it? No, there never is. And no one wants to spend the money. But it has to get done. Charles Hines Chairman Sarasota County Commission By Roger Drouin County Editor

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