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The first draft of Laffer Associates' report analyzing Sarasota 2050's fiscal neutrality rules contained some surprising proposals: Eliminate all density restrictions, obliterate the urban service boundary, cut all zoning reg- ulations and more. But little of that came up Wednesday, Feb. 19, when Donna Arduin, one of the report's a u t h o r s , a p p e a r e d in Sarasota to sum- marize the third and final draft prepared by her firm, fulfilling the terms of its $90,000 agreement. Sarasota County originally reached out to Laffer and Arduin last summer, at the behest of Commissioner Joe Barbetta, who put for- ward Arduin's name — along with two oth- ers — as an expert who could analyze how the county implements the concept of fiscal neutrality. Part of the county's 2050 land-use policy — which is in The 2050 Plan was created to manage development in the area east of Interstate 75, which has an abundance of farms and pastures. File photo AUTHOR OF CONTROVERSIAL $90,000 REPORT ON FISCAL NEUTRALITY MAKES HER PITCH TO THE COUNTY COMMISSION IN THE FLESH There's 390,000 people in the county, [and only] 20 or 30 people complaining about growth. Joe Barbetta Commissioner Sarasota County By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor

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