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critical to habitability, and they are crossed only when necessary. As the city developed, waterways soon seg- regated the neighborhoods, not in a racial sense but in a geographic sense. Bridges are expensive, and the idea of a pedestrian bridge was unthinkable. Can you find any examples? Hint: One crosses what becomes Hudson Bayou near Alta Vista Elementary School on Euclid Avenue. Here are some details of the new bridge. It was part of a $1.1-million project along Brother Geenen Way, named for a priest who believed seniors should enjoy life after retirement. A deep ditch on the north side of Brother Geenen Way was deepened and widened and filled with huge drainage pipes (never forget the importance of drainage) and then covered over. Atop the buried pipes is a 10-foot wide side- walk that is more than a sidewalk. It is a "multi-use recreational trail" to be used by skateboarders, rollerbladers, unicyclists, On the south side of the new bridge, a spacious and non-skid kayak launching ramp could see heavy use once it is open to the public. Photo by Stan Zimmerman Sarasota News Leader March 28, 2014 Page 64

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