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bicyclists, tricyclists and even pedestrians. Motorized vehicles are verboten. CONNECTIONS The span between Alderman Street and "B-G" Way is more than a link to the eventual Legacy Trail. It also connects the Laurel Park and Burns Square neighborhoods, so residents can avoid a long walk or pedal. But the big neighborhood boon is a kay- ak-launching ramp associated with the new bridge. While parking may be a problem, for neighbors with a kayak trolley the new ramp will provide a nice amenity. The project has been under way since last autumn, with Brother Geenen Way closed to westbound traffic. The work is not complete yet, with sod to be laid and trees to be planted along on the new trail, and drainage facets needed. In another month, the project should be ready for bikers, walkers, joggers and kay- akers to enjoy. The biggest boon will be for bicyclists com- ing from the eastern and southern parts of the city. By using the traffic signal at Oak Street to cross U.S. 301, and then the traffic signal at Osprey Avenue and U.S. 41, riders can safely get to the bayfront and beyond without mov- ing along heavily trafficked highways. The little bridge is an important link in the chain. When the Legacy Trail has been com- pleted to Payne Park, the structure will be the gateway to the bay and downtown. % A map shows Brother Geenen Way, Alderman Street and a tributary of Hudson Bayou. Image from Google Maps Sarasota News Leader March 28, 2014 Page 65

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