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One hundred twenty days: That is the amount of time the owners of Bob's Boathouse have to complete the last item on a "punch list" provided by county staff if the business is to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and continue operating, a Sarasota County Special Magistrate decided on Friday, March 21. However, the estab- lishment has shorter time frames within which to complete other specific projects on the list: 90 days for watercourse buffer requirements and 60 days for the remaining 10 items on the punch list. The 120-day period is for the business to submit a lighting plan to the county. A s t a t u s c o n f e r - e n c e w i l l b e h e l d on May 23 to assess t h e c o m p l e t i o n o f the 12 outstanding Bob's Boathouse attorney James Aker (standing) sorts through documents before the hearing, next to Code Enforcement Officer Kevin Burns and Assistant County Attorney David Pearce. Mike Seery, a representative of the owners of Bob's Boathouse, (left) reviews material in the audience. Photo by Rachel Hackney A SPECIAL MAGISTRATE GIVES BOB'S BOATHOUSE MORE TIME TO COMPLETE ITEMS NECESSARY FOR IT TO OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY AND REMAIN OPEN 120 DAYS The denial [of another Temporary Certificate of Occupancy extension in late January] had no nexus to the health, safety or general welfare of the community. James Aker Attorney Bob's Boathouse By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor NEWS & COMMENTARY

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